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Exam Programs


Dance Theme offers your child optional exams in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet, Acrobatic Arts and Al Gilbert tap

Syllabus is taught in class and enhanced with free style work. Following an internationally recognized syllabus provides a standard and curriculum to a program so that parents can be assured that their children are being training in a structured format.

Exams provide a goal for students to work toward and an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their work, but we understand that they are not for every student or family. Participating in an exam is completely optional at our dance school.

RAD Ballet Exams

Dance Theme offers an extensive ballet program including classes in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus and non-syllabus classes. Students who want to take one class of ballet per week to those wanting a career in ballet can find exactly what they need at Dance Theme. RAD Exams are offered up to the Advanced 2 level.

Al Gilbert Tap Exams

Internationally, Al Gilbert Graded Dance Examinations, have a wide and far-reaching scope.  The Gilbert tap syllabus has touched the lives of a wide variety of people, for many years.  The Gilbert Syllabus has become a closely integrated part of tap, and its levels, from Primary to Grade Eight are universal tap monuments.

Acrobatic Arts Exams

The Acrobatic Arts examination process is designed to motivate dancers. Having defined and achievable goals is a proven way to motivate dancers to excel. Dancers work through twelve exam levels, each designed to create a well balanced acrobat, including elements of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling.  

Acrobatic Arts Certified Examiners evaluate dancers against a set universal standard, allowing dancers and teachers to see where the dancer stands globally.  

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