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Free Dance Resources


Here are some great dance resources from Miss Heather:

https://www.theballetblog.com- this one has a whole bunch of amazing videos and articles, created by a dance physiotherapist - there's even a section of articles called "training at home", which I think is new for covid 19


https://thebodyseries.com/newsletter/ - another great series of short articles/Q &As written by a well known dance physiotherapist


https://pbt.dance - students have to pay for a membership to access these videos, but it's a great program of conditioning for ballet dancers


https://ca.royalacademyofdance.org - RAD Canada website


https://www.iadms.org/page/243 - International Association for Dance Medicine & Science bulletins - this is more for older students as it is quite dense and academic, but it has some very interesting articles