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Michelle began her training with R.A.D. ballet, but became a multi disciplined dancer shortly after. She has studied jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, modern, musical theatre/acting, piano, trumpet, as well as Ukrainian, Latin and Polynesian dancing. Michelle has been fortunate to study under many talented instructors over the years, abroad and at home, including Alberta Ballet’s Ruth Carse and Shumka’s Terry Mucha.

At a young age Michelle joined a performance company that toured Canada and the United States, enriching her enthusiasm for performing on stage. Today she continues her dance/acro education through classes with Leaders in Fitness, IBBFA, Acrobatic Arts, Mather Dance Company, yoga and strength training. Michelle still performs with local Polynesian group, Tropical Breeze.

Her mother was a teacher and passed down the gene to inspire and nurture children. She has taught dance in New York, where she choreographed a student summer production of "Grease" and studied ballet and jazz in New Zealand but always came back to Edmonton where she felt most at home. Teaching is a passion she thrives on, always wanting to share her adoration for the arts with her students.

As well as the performing arts, Michelle has a strong passion and talent for visual arts. She holds a bachelor of Visual Communication Design from the University of Alberta, where she studied many art forms that included drama, film, art and design. Her design profession has led her to creatively direct local television commercials and direct animated shorts.

Michelle is a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor and is excited to be implementing this program at Dance Theme and sharing her knowledge with the students.

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