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Day                      Time       Class                                                                  Instructor              Zoom Link

Wednesday      3:30         Rascalz Choreo Hip Hop                             Paul                        Studio 1

Wednesday      4:15         Oompa Looma Hip Hop Choreo                Vince                      Studio 4

Wednesday      4:20         Smokey the Bear Choreo                           Paul                         Studio 1

Wednesday      4:45         TBT Hip Hop Choreo                                   Miss Amy               Studio 3

Wednesday      5:00         Please Stand Up Hip Hop Choreo            Davin                      Studio 2

Wednesday      5:00         Arachnaophobia Choreo                            Vince                      Studio 4

Wednesday      5:10         Thug Life Hip Hop Choreo                          Paul                        Studio 1

Wednesday      5:35         Ahoy! Hip Hop Choreo                                Miss Katie              Studio 3

Wednesday      5:40         Dancers Anonymous                                  Vince                      Studio 4

Wednesday      5:55         Mortal Combat Hip Hop Choreo                Davin                      Studio 2

Wednesday      6:00         Mom Jeans Hip Hop Choreo                     Paul                        Studio 1

Wednesday      6:10         Leprechaun Hip Hop Choreo                     Vince                      Studio 4

Wednesday      6:45         Energy Never Dies Hip Hop Choreo         Davin                      Studio 2

Wednesday      6:50         JMC Hip Hop Choreo                                   Paul                        Studio 1

Wednesday      7:15          Adult Hip Hop Tech                                     Davin                      Studio 2

Wednesday      7:40         Bachelor Hip Hop Choreo                          Paul                        Studio 1

Wednesday      8:30         T-CO Hip Hop Choreography                    Paul                        Studio 1

Thursday           3:00         Tigers Junior Choreo                                  Paul                        Studio 5

Thursday           3:30         Tigers Varsity Choreo                                  Paul                        Studio 5

Thursday           4:15          T-Boyz Choreo                                             Paul                        Studio 5

Thursday           5:30         Cubs Hip Hop Choreo                                 Paul                        Studio 1

Thursday           7:45         Young Bloods Choreo                                 Paul                        Studio 1

Thursday           8:30         Tigers Elite Choreo                                      Paul                        Studio 1

Saturday            11:00         Hair Up Hip Hop                                         Miss Katie              Studio 3

Saturday            11:00         G-Power Hip Hop                                       Miss Kathryn         Studio 4

Saturday            12:10         Hip Hop 6-8 years Technique                  Miss Kathryn         Studio 4

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