At Dance Theme Academy, we strive to provide programming to meet every student’s needs. From the once a week student to those wanting to focus on dance as their main activity and compete at a high level; there is a program for all dancers. With Dance Theme’s blend of incredible training in a fun and positive environment, dancers are encouraged to achieve their goals.

Miss Shari

Our family has been with Dance Theme going on six years. Dance Theme provides a space where their students can express how they feel through Dance. Miss Shari is always trying to find the best of the best to work with our kids. The opportunities that my girls have been given are amazing. They have done many workshops at the studio as well as some great dance trips. We feel very lucky to have found such a great studio that cares so much for all of their students.


I would just like to send you a big thank you for a fantastic dance year. We switched from a different dance studio and I was a bit nervous to start a new adventure at Dance Theme. Well, from the first dance class I felt at ease. Fantastic job keeping busy families up to date. Your front staff are so friendly and helpful. Again THANK YOU. I can’t wait to start a new dance year at this amazing school.

Dance Parent

Dance Theme isn’t just about lessons in dance. It’s about lessons in life.

Jennifer - Student for 12 years

Dance Theme is FANTABULOUS! I love being in Dance Theme. You guys are friendly and kind. Thank you for giving me a chance to dance.

K.P. - 12 year old student

We joined Dance theme because we had seen their groups at competition and were very impressed with their dance numbers.

We have stayed at Dance Theme because if the amazing programs they offer. The level of instruction is of  such a high caliber and Miss Shari and her staff our like family to us.

We have been at Dance theme for over three years and it is an amazing studio for Dancers. It has something for every level and is always a step ahead in the dance community. The staff is incredible and I'm so very fortunate to have them as role models for my children. It feels like home. My children have had so many unbelievable opportunities since coming and I can't wait to see what else is in store in the years to come.

Dance Parent

Dance Theme has been nothing short of amazing and have provided us with many great opportunities and friendships! We are proud to dance here!


“You care, you strive for the best, you listen, you believe in others, you reach for the stars!”

Former fifteen year student and now a dance teacher

When you walk through the doors of Dance Theme you are part of a family. A team that will always support any individual when we celebrate our achievements and reflect upon our losses.

16 year old student

I can not emphasize how amazing Dance Theme Studio is. The teachers and staff are all amazing role models and they are constantly boosting confidence in the kids. The staff are always there to offer help and answer questions and give direction. The students have made great friends and the families are very supportive of one another.


Dance Theme has been a part of our family for over ten years. We have been blessed to have a great number of teachers and office staff who care about our children so much. This is proven in their kind nature and way they always ask not only about my dancing children but every member of our family. We greatly appreciate having an owner with an open door policy to help with any questions we have.


”What a class organization you are. This is our first year with you but certainly not our last. Thank you!

Preschool Parent

Thank you for everything you have done throughout this year. You truly are an inspiration.

Parent of 10 year old student