January Start Programs

These classes will perform in our Year-End Recital in June at the Jubilee Auditorium.

Non-refundable registration fee:

$25.00 per family

Ages are as of January 1st

45 minute classes are total fee of $300.00 for 20 classes plus $25.00 registration fee. For your convenience, this can be broken into the following payments:

  • $125.00 at time of registering which is the registration fee and first and last month’s fee (this is non-refundable).

  • $50.00 payable on February 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1.

For more than one class the fee structure is pro-rated based on the number of hours of dance a family is enrolled in per week. If you have two siblings dancing, there is a discounted rate.

Costume deposit of $30.00 is due February 1st for the purchase of the Year End Costume for the Recital. Costume balance will be determined once costume has arrived and billed to your account.

January Start Programs

Mini Stars

4 & 5 Years:

In the Mini Star program, children learn to dance and music through themed classes and much more! Tumbling and obstacle courses are also incorporated into the class. Combination of jazz and obstacle course/tumbling. Dancers perform in the Year End Recital (June).

  • Dancewear: Black Tank Leotard (Mondor 40095), Tan Tights (Mondor Caramel Convertible #314), Pink Ballet Slippers Full Sole (Bloch – Dansoft S0205)

Tutus & Bowties

3 & 4 Years:

Tutus and Bowties is a ballet and creative movement children's dance class with a variety of monthly themes. Students will have a fun filled ballet class based on well-known characters such as Barbie, Frozen, and much more! The program is designed to provide our youngest students with excellent ballet training in an inspirational and fun environment.

  • Dancewear: True Pink Short Sleeved Leotard (Mondor 11635), Ballerina Pink Ankle Socks (Mondor - 167) or Ballerina Pink Tights (Mondor - 345), Pink Ballet Slippers Full Sole (Bloch – Dansoft S0205)


Hip Hop

4 to 6 Years:

  • Emphasis on hip hop dance skills and styles, while strengthening listening and focusing skills

  • Learn a routine to be performed at the year-end show

  • Dancewear: Comfortable loose clothing (no jeans) with clean indoor running shoes