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What is DTA Musical Theatre Company

This program gives students the opportunity to become well-rounded performers through singing, acting and dancing classes. All the classes are being held on Saturday afternoons, students will have the option to take the choreography class, the vocal class, the acting class or all three!


Choreography Class

The choreography class is open to students nine years and older who have dance or theatre experience. This class will take place Saturdays 2:15-3:00 where they will learn a routine that will be performed at festivals, competitions and recital.


A student must be registered in one dance class at DTA OR enrolled in either the vocal or acting class and have two years minimum of experience. 


Vocal Class

Students will be split into levels based on age and ability. Classes will incorporate training in vocal technique, vocal performance, music theory and more! Splitting into solos, duets or groups the students will choose a song alongside the instructors that they will focus on throughout the year while also working on other songs.


This class will not compete in festivals, competitions or recital so there will be no costume to purchase. 


Acting Class

Students will be split into levels based on age and ability and will be given monologues and scenes with multiple scene partners. They will work on character workbooks and developing strong backgrounds. 


This class will not compete in festivals, competitions or recital so there will be no costume to purchase. 


Workshops/Master Classes

Once a month from October-December with a few more in the new year we will be bringing in industry professionals to run master classes. 


Here are some examples of what the master classes may be in:

  • Film classes

  • Theatre dance

  • Acting master classes

  • Audition techniques

  • Master vocal classes

  • Guest Instructors



In order to give the students the monthly workshops, there may be a slight change to schedule on those days, but the class will remain between 2:15 and 4:15 on Saturdays. 


All levels of classes will be together for the first two weeks so the students can get to know each other and be placed into their proper levels for the remainder of the year. Classes may shift throughout the year as students progress in their training. 


Extra Groups, Solos and Duets

At the beginning of the season, parents will be asked how many extra groups, solos or duets they would like to participate in. You will then receive a list of extra groups that will be chosen by the faculty. 


All extra groups will cost a flat fee of $100.00 for choreography, cleaning and rehearsal time

Solos and duets will follow the regular fee structure (attached)



We are hoping to have a Gala at the end of the season where performers can showcase their work throughout the season. Further details coming.



These classes will be added to your monthly tuition according to the number of hours your child is taking. 


The choreography class will have competition fees and costume fees while the vocal and acting classes will not. 


Costumes will be between $60.00-$100.00 depending on the characters. Some costumes may need to be custom made while others may be able to be purchased at Value Village. We will be deciding on many main character costumes during the Halloween season.


Musical Theatre pieces can be enhanced with an amazing set and/or props. This routine will have a prop fee between $25.00 and $40.00. 


Please note: Students can take the vocal or acting class without choreography.



This year the routine will be from the Broadway Musical Frozen!

You can find it under the 2021-2022 season on Saturdays