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Our new once a month Wine Wednesday dance class gives adults and parents a chance to get moving, make new friends and have fun! What a great night out!


This class is designed for dance parents to connect with each other, dance and connect over a beverage!  


Drop-In Cost

DTA Basic Membership $22.00 

DTA Premium Membership $20.00 


Four Class Package

DTA Basic Membership $75.00

DTA Premium Membership $70.00

The system will automatically charge you the full amount, then we will manually change it if you are a DTA Premium member!


Dates (Classes will be from 7:30-8:30 p.m.)

Wednesday, September 29 

Wednesday, October 27

Wednesday, November 24

Wednesday, December 15


Register now, limited spots available.

You can find it under Drop-In 2021-2022