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Beliefs & Philosophies

Here are our school's belief's and philosophies!

We Believe…

  • In having fun while you learn

  • That each child is important no matter their skill level or the number of hours they dance

  • That excellence is achieved in performance both onstage and in class through hard work, determination and dedication

  • In working as a team and building your classmates’ spirit. In turn, you will be rewarded with their support when you are having difficulty

  • In finding a sense of accomplishment in your work and basking in your achievements

  • In respecting the privilege your parents have given you to learn an art form; making all your time in class count

  • In finding joy in the movement of dance


Our Teaching Philosophy

  •  To teach dance through positive motivation and focus on the process

  •  To teach each student to accept their abilities and commitment level

  •  To teach proper technique, self-discipline, and to respect the body through exercise, nutrition and proper rest

  •  To challenge the student both physically and mentally allowing them attainable goals – To have fun!

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