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Dance Theme has seven studios and an exclusive Parent’s Lounge, plus a homework room for students. All of our studios are large and well-equipped to provide your child with a great learning environment.

Like many dance schools, Dance Theme Academy has well-equipped dance studios, mirrors and quality teachers, but that’s where the similarities end and the extraordinary begins!

For over 40 years, Dance Theme Academy has been committed to providing a selection of excellent learning opportunities for students and their families in the Edmonton area. The academy is passionate about inspiring individuals, encouraging confidence, and creating a sense of community.


Here are just a few examples of what makes Dance Theme unique:

Outstanding guest choreographers. Dance Theme Academy has developed relationships with some of Western Canada’s most sought-after choreographers. Exposure to exceptional choreography complements the strong technical foundations students receive from weekly instructors. This opportunity exposes students to a world of dance beyond the studio’s walls.

Supporting academic success. Not only does Dance Theme Academy award hundreds of dollars in dance scholarships yearly, they also support their students’ academic education. A student lounge is provided so homework can be done between classes. Each year, Learn and Grow with Us Scholarships are awarded to support graduating dancers in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

Community involvement. Stars of Hope, a series of eight benefit performances founded and organized by Dance Theme Academy, has raised over $250,000 for Kids with Cancer. By showcasing 1000s of dancers from across Alberta, these events have brought together a community of dancers, in addition to raising funds for a very worthy cause.

Development of future leaders. Dance Theme Academy’s STAR Team is a dedicated group of experienced dancers who volunteer to assist teachers in the classrooms of the school’s youngest students. Not only does the STAR Team program allow young students a valuable mentorship opportunity, it also provides a chance for older dancers to develop responsibility and leadership skills.

A large mix of programming options. Dance Theme Academy understands that different students have different needs, so the program mix is reviewed and updated yearly. This is done to ensure programs appeal to all ages and abilities. Offerings include full-year programs that participate in examinations, competitions, and festivals; full-year programs with fewer performances; short-term programs with no performing obligations; and summer dance camps for all abilities. Vocal lessons are also available.

Educational travel opportunities. Traveling for dance allows dancers to connect as a team and experience a world of dance outside of Edmonton.

In July 2013 and 2017, Dance Theme Academy dancers traveled to Anaheim, California to perform in parades at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. This opportunity was made even more thrilling when Dance Theme’s dancers were chosen from more than 600 dancers around the world to lead both parades! In addition to the parades, dancers were able to improve their skills by attending two dance workshops.

In March 2014, some of our Company dancers traveled to London, England! The trip was educational and inspirational. In addition to seeing all the major sites, the itinerary included classes at the world-famous Pineapple Dance Studio and the headquarters of Royal Academy of Dance. The students attended performances of The Royal Ballet, Matilda, and much more.

Parent's Lounge. A positive and relaxing place for parents that includes coffee and free Wi-Fi.

The Studios. Dance Theme has seven studios, all large and well equipped to provide your child with a great learning environment.

Dance Theme Academy has a lot to be proud of, and they look forward to sharing it with you.

It’s the place to be!


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